We specialize in any and all types of residential services, from installing light fixtures and replacing plugs and switches to major custom home installations. Our goal with every residential installation is to complete it efficiently and safely, making sure everything is up to the proper code and you are satisfied. We will also make sure, wherever possible, to make the job more cost efficient by minimizing drywall damage. We have over 14 years experience and are licensed and insured. From custom installs to troubleshooting, we have worked on hundred year old and brand new houses. If you can’t figure out why your light is flickering, or you want to install a dimmer, or you want to re-wire your old house to make is safe and up to code, we can help you. 

We are happy to come out and give you a free estimate for your job. We will break down costs for materials and labour and make it as clear as possible so there are no surprises. We offer competitive rates and are willing to work with you in order to get the job done the right way – we have flexible hours and can often schedule jobs on evenings or weekends if needed. We value your business and strive for complete customer satisfaction. We also offer emergency/after-hours electrical service.


Some of the residential electrical services we offer:

  • General service/maintenance

  • New home construction and planning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Remodeling

  • Data installations

  • Indoor lighting

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Garage wiring/trenching

  • Meter installations

  • Code corrections

  • Service and panel upgrades

  • Sub-panel installation

  • Ceiling fan installations

  • Bathroom fan installations

  • Hot tub installation

  • Air conditioning installation

  • Generator and transfer switch installation

  • Inspections and testing

  • Emergency service


Money Saving Tips

One way to save money and cut back on energy payments is to change out existing lights to LED. LED bulbs have a 30-year life, meaning no more buying and changing light bulbs, and they can save you roughly 75% on energy costs. We are happy to come and go through your home and advise you on potential cost-saving electrical changes you could make. 


We have years of experience in renovations, additions, and upgrades, from small bathroom upgrades to major kitchen renovations and basement rental suites. We have experience in Smart Wiring and speaker/sound systems as well. In any renovation our objective is to make your home look brand new, externally and internally, replacing old cable with new and upgrading all devices. When we are dealing with old ungrounded cable and replacing it with new, we ensure all of our installations are done up to date and in compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code. We focus on the job being done properly and safely, making sure any older cable such as knob and tube or ungrounded cable is safely removed and replaced with new cable, new boxes, and upgraded devices.

It's important to remove old wire safely by professionals with experience. Older wiring can cause house fires or electrical problems in your house. Our company has had extensive experience removing old ungrounded cable or even older knob and tube wiring from houses in more mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton. It is necessary to replace the old cable with new and to make sure all the circuits containing the old cable have been abandoned and removed cautiously and safely.

We make sure all life safety devices are installed properly, such as carbon monoxide/smoke detectors. Our installations are in compliance to the Canadian Electrical Code and the Building Codes, making sure that they are properly interlocked and installed in the correct, designated areas. Your safety is our primary concern.  

Also, we specialize in removing all aluminum wiring from older homes, and if we are unable to remove because of unwanted drywall damage, we have a method of making it safe by properly splicing to copper, using proper marrettes and a deoxygenizing agent.

New Installations

We have experience in all types of custom homes, from 10,000-square foot homes to smaller lake cabins, garages, and workshops. In these installations we focus on not only the practical use of lighting but also the aesthetic aspect, using everything from LED pot lights to under cabinet lighting, step lighting, landscape lighting, elegant chandeliers, and much more.

We take pride in our installation making sure we understand and execute your vision to make your home look the way you want it to. 


service upgrades

We specialize in service upgrades, usually upgrading from 60 amp service to 100 amp. We can also upgrade any service to 200 amp or 400 amp. We work with Epcor making sure all the work is done in accordance with the Epcor guidelines and the electrical code. We also make sure that the new panel is always installed with more than enough space to handle any future renovation or addition. The work can usually be completed in one day and we bring a back up generator to make sure your appliances stay on while we do the work. 


Aluminum wiring solutions

Aluminum wiring was installed in many homes in the 1970s. It replaced copper wiring because it was much cheaper, but unfortunately they found out that it is extremely unsafe. The small terminations on plugs and switches and lights can cause arcing. An electrical arc is hot enough to melt plastic and vaporize metal. It is extremely important to get this dealt with. One solution is splicing copper to aluminum inside of every plug, switch and light using the proper marettes designed for copper to aluminum splicing. It’s important to coat the splice in de-ox before you put the marettes on. De-ox is an oxide inhibitor that provides an airtight seal around the conductors. If aluminum wiring isn't dealt with properly it can start a house fire. If the removal of the aluminum wire is too expensive then another solution is the splicing method. Depending on the size of the house you can usually be done in a day or two.



We install generators on farms, acreages, and homes. Depending on the power of the equipment that you need to keep running, we will install the proper generator to make sure that in a power outage your equipment will keep running. We install everything from 22 kW standby generators for bigger houses or barns to 11 kW for smaller installations. We also make sure a transfer switch is installed to be able to switch to the generator manually or automatically.



Sub-panel installations are usually easy and affordable, generally taking half a day to a day to complete. We make sure to install a sub-panel that has a lot of space so that you will have no problems adding circuits if necessary for future projects (i.e. hot tub, air conditioning, new appliances, or any other electrical installation). Adding a sub-panel is usually much easier and less expensive than changing out the main panel for a larger one. 


ceiling fans

Ceiling fan installations are a good idea for keeping rooms cool in the summer. The installation is usually quick and easy, taking no more than an hour or two. They can come with or without a light, and have the option of remote controls to avoid pull chains. More affordable than getting an air conditioning system installed in your house, a ceiling fan moves the air around and has variable speeds. Our serviceman will be in and out of your house fairly quickly, leaving no mess. 


bathroom fans

Bathroom ventilation fans are necessary for humidity control and are easily installed, or upgraded, usually from the attic. On the main floor they are able to be installed with minimal drywall damage, often none at all. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the bathroom fan will depend on the size of the room. We like to install ones that are quiet and powerful at the same time. You can also choose fans with a timer switch so they shut off automatically once you've left the room. We also install the vent for the exhaust. 


Hot tubs

We have lots of experience installing hot tubs. We make sure all the safety requirements are in place, such as a GFI breaker and a disconnect near the hot tub. The installation is generally easy and usually takes a full day, providing there is enough space in the panel for a two pole 60 amp breaker and a route for the cable to the outside location of the hot tub. We are happy to provide free estimates for hot tub installations, and can advise you on what is required for the job and any additional costs before we start. 


electrical home inspections

If you have moved into an older house or if you are thinking of buying an older house we can come in and do a thorough electrical inspection. Even newer houses require electrical inspections, and we keep up with the changes to the Canadian Electrical Code to make sure your inspection is thorough and accurate. First and foremost we make sure everything is safe, and we we check for any wiring that would be considered hazardous. We check for knob and tube wiring and ungrounded cable. We inspect all the receptacles and switches to make sure everything is connected properly and polarity is correct. We inspect the panel to make sure there are no hotspots using a thermal camera, and we ensure all the breakers are working properly. We will make sure when you buy your home that the electrical is safe so that you will have no concerns, or if there are safety concerns or hazards we will make a detailed list so that you are aware of every electrical issue, along with an estimate of cost for any necessary changes or repairs. If your house is not up to the present Canadian Electrical Code it is not mandatory that you change it, be we will recommend what to do and how to save money doing it. The one thing we always recommend is that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are up-to-date, and that carbon monoxide combinations and interlocked for your safety.